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Welcome to Temple Emunah!

Temple Emunah is a dynamic and engaged congregational family that builds Jewish identity through learning together, praying together, caring for each other, and working to create an enduring Jewish community in the United States and Israel, in the spirit of egalitarian Conservative Judaism.  We welcome all Jews and their families (including interfaith families) who wish to participate in our community, without regard to race, ethnicity, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Temple Emunah offers a unique blend of the intimacy and closeness of a small synagogue with the strong programming of a large one.  Our members are committed to vibrant Jewish living and learning, creating a positive blend of modernity and Yiddishkeit.  Temple Emunah is committed to tikkun olam, healing and repairing the world, for Jews and all people locally and around the globe.

Temple Emunah members are eligible to participate in synagogue activities and attend all religious services throughout the year.  Members are also entitled to pastoral care and officiation at lifecycle events by our rabbis.  Adults and their children under the age of 25 are considered member households and are entitiled to general admission tickets to our High Holy Day services.  In accordance with our by-laws, all Jewish adult members are able to vote at congregational meetings.  Children of members are entitled to attend the schools of Temple Emunah upon such terms and conditions as determined by the Board of Directors.

It is our hope that Temple Emunah will be a warm home for you to deepen your Jewish life and to connect to others in community.

To begin the membership application process, please tell us about yourself and your family.
Adult 1
Jewish Law (halakhah) defines people as Jews under the circumstances listed below.  If you are Jewish under Jewish law, check the appropriate box below:
Please provide the date, City/State and Presiding Rabbi
Yahrzeits - Adult 1

Please click on the plus sign to tell us about the family members you have lost, and wish to be remembered with a Yahrzeit notifiation.

Adult 2
Yahrzeits - Adult 2

Please click on the plus sign to tell us about the family members you have lost, and wish to be remembered with a Yahrzeit notifiation.

Family Information
Please click on the plus sign below, and complete for each child under the age of 25.
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Community Information
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Signing this membership application will be considered consent for Temple Emunah to use photographs of you and/or your family members in any of its communications. 
You may opt out by checking this box.
Member Introduction

When new members join the Temple Emunah community, we send an announcement out to the congregation by way of email and in our newsletter.  It provides yet another great way for you to begin to make more connections within our community.  Please indicate your preference.
Membership Directory

We provide an online membership directory.  The directory is for Temple Emunah purposes only, and includes name, address, home, mobile and business phone numbers, email addresses, and child names and birthdates if under 18.  We do not share information about you with non-members.

I/We herewith make application for membership in Temple Emunah and, if accepted, do agree to conform to its by -laws and all rules and regulations of the synagogue. I/We agree to pay annual membership dues, as established by the Temple Emunah Board of Directors, and all other fees, tuition, pledges as may be required, in a timely fashion. I/We understand that a pledge to the Building Fund is required.

Membership Options
  1. Choose the membership level in the dropdown menu
  2. Enter the amount of your dues contribution you can commit to for your first year
  3. Add Ancillary Dues for Sisterhood and Brotherhood
  4. Add Youth Group Dues
  5. Building Fund Pledge (required from all new members)
Please contribute as much as you are able, with a minimum of $180.00 that includes the Security assessment.  A minimum of $600 is required for rabbinical services or to qualify for the Preschool discount.
Youth Activity Fees

Temple Emunah automatically charges you a Youth Activity Fee for children in grades 3 through 12 to be part of our Youth Community.  Membership to our Youth Community enables your child to participate in USY Chaverim, USY Gesher, and Sr. USY events.  In addition to this fee including membership to USY, it also supports our overall Youth Program which includes: Youth Day, Shul-ins, Retreats, and Shabbat Programming. Membership in our Youth Community enables children to participate in these programs at a reduced rate.
$80 Youth Activity Fee per child
$100 Youth Activity Fee per child
Ancilliary Memberships
Building Fund

All new members are expected to contribute $2,100 to the Building Fund over a maximum of 7 years.  You may be eligible to obtain a credit for a portion of the building fund donations made to another synagogue within the last 5 years.
Thank you your filling out the Membership Application.

By clicking on the Submit button, you will be taken to our Online Payment screen to select your payment options.
Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783